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Aisa Gur Vadbhagin Paiya - Sound Track - High Quality (128 kbps)

Click the links to download:

Track 1: Sabh Paapee Tarea Play Download
Track 2: Naam Jap Lai Hari Da Play Download

Track 3: Melody #1 Play Download
Track 4: Satigur Aayo Sarani Tuhari Play Download

Track 5: Gursikh Hari Bolo Mere Bhai Play Download
Track 6: Melody #2 Play Download

Track 7: So Satigur Vaho Vaho Play Download
Track 8: Aisa Gur Vadbhagin Paiya Play Download

Download Help (follow these instructions if clicking the download icon doesn't work)

To download, right-click on the download icon Download and select "Save Target As...". You will then be prompted for a download location on your computer. Browse to the directory you wish to save to and then press the save button.

Ogg Vorbis versions of these tapes are available. Please Contact Us for more information.

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